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Invasion, map

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 13:50
by Sadjuuk
Hello I have updated my first map,

It is divided into 2 parts separated of 2 players
I recommend playing with alliances, and Nullbot as AI

Each player starts with eight derrick :
Thank you for test, tell me what you think about this !


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Re: Invasion, map

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 18:45
by aubergine
Looks like an interesting map - are the blue dots scavengers? I will give it a try.

BTW, you can upload images direct to the forums and they will last forever - on imageshack, they delete the images after a few months. After uploading an image as a file attachment, you can click the "place inline" button to add it to your post (more info).

Re: Invasion, map

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 19:50
by effigy
This map looks very detailed.

Overall, you did a nice job with the scavengers, but I think they need more rearming pads for the vtol. After one attack they just landed in front of my tanks. Maybe the scav AI just doesn't handle vtol? I'm not sure.

Also, it seems odd to me that only one side scav base has Arch Angel missiles. I think a scav base on each side of the map should have them.

My only real complaint is that there are so many crater decals it can be hard to tell tanks where to go.

edit: Oh yeah, and specify a license:

Re: Invasion, map

Posted: 07 Apr 2013, 22:51
by Sadjuuk
Thanks for test and method aubergine :wink:

effigy, I understand what you mean for craters, and for Arch Angel missiles !

It's my first map so I learn a lot, for exemple the AI don't kill all scavs and don't respect the gateway if it's nullbot..

And I think this map is too easy against AI because scavs delay too the AI.

Maybe I'll build a 3rd version of this map, with the CC-0 license, I have already place more cliff and forest to guide the AI and it's better. I'll remove some craters also..

Re: Invasion, map

Posted: 16 Apr 2013, 17:25
by aubergine
There's a few missing "no go" (or whatever they are called) tiles one one part of the map as shown below where a truck is very slowly climbing a cliff:
Region capture 1.png
Region capture 1.png (233.91 KiB) Viewed 2200 times
It's in the red box here:
location.png (43.9 KiB) Viewed 2199 times
Also, the scavs don't have any factories so they're unable to produce trucks, and subsequently don't put up much of a fight. With the ultimate scav mod installed, I was hoping they'd be attacking with choppers and all sorts of other things, but instead they just sit there waiting for me to clear their defences.

More info on adding scavs to maps: ... rs+to+Maps

Would be nice if they had a few pre-placed factories, or at least some trucks so they could build their own.

Also, it might be nice to add 2-3 oil resources along that big hill that cuts the map in half - a couple near the middle and one near where the player/AI bases are. This will tempt the scavs to populate the hill and build defences there which will in turn cause attacks on players form an unexpected angle.

Re: Invasion, map

Posted: 16 Apr 2013, 22:06
by Sadjuuk
Thank for this analysis and the link,

It was my first map I did'nt know the smooth bonton for height and how th AI work :oops:

But I prepare a new map very better (I expect) and maybe I will improve this one, I see you nevertheless like it so, I will try to do this !