NRS 3.4 (teaser)

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NRS 3.4 (teaser)

Post by Iluvalar » 30 Jun 2020, 03:27

New Research System
At start of the game, Players get access to factions in the research tab for a moderate cost. Each faction unlock a dozen of research lines. Some early tech, some late game tech and some special tech. Just enough to in theory be able to play the whole game with the same faction.

Each research line will be autonomous, and contain no branch other then it's own upgrade. Leaving each player full freedom over what they gonna focus to research in that particular game. Each game feeling unique as you focus on 3-4 unrelated branch. You could be a tanky hover cannon player, a zerging laser player with solar power or a defensive machine gun clan with strong auto-repair. Every game is unique. Everything goes !

Everything will be balanced from the ground up. New factions will be added over time like an add on. Allowing potentially more modders to join the party with their own set of weapon and tech.

Existed in NRS 2.3
*civilians, postnuke housing, nuclear plants, solar panels, parks, banks (economic building).
*3x research, new paradigm research (cheaper but long).
*fire laser weapons line.
*Balistic missile full line with condor missiles.
*wrecking balls.
*the fish and chimps body lines.
*Dual mount bodies.
*Propulsion oriented upgrade.
*scavengers weapons and body playable.
*Much more!

Yes it was all done and balanced in the past, it's possible ! And now that the accuracy is fixed in 3.4, I might give it a try again.
Heretic 2.3 improver and proud of it.

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