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High Oil Multiplayer Base Building

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 19:58
by The Overlord
Building a base in a multiplayer NTW map can be quite stressful if you are not sure what you are doing. Using these instructions, Warzone 2100 players will learn how to build their base efficiently, so that they get a head start on the game to dominate the opposition.


How to use your shortcuts effectively

1. Once you get into game, select your trucks immediately.

2. Press F3 to open the build menu and select a research facility.

3. The building should be built in the middle of your trucks so they all build immediately, and do not have to move. The subsequent buildings need to be adjacent to each other so your trucks take as little time as possible moving.

4. Holding down the shift key will allow you to queue as many buildings as you would like to be built, so it is best to queue the rest of your base now.

Build order

5. Look around and make sure your team is starting to build three research facilities, because there are three research options at the start.

6. If there are three, queue two factories. If not, queue enough research facilities to make sure you have three total to start with and then two factories. Your base should look like Figure 1 now.

Fig. 1

7. Once your research facility is done, open the menu (F2) and research whatever you can. The priority goes: sensor, engineering, machine gun.

8. So now you have your research facility done and are working on your factories. You will need to use your four trucks to queue:
• two more research facilities
• two power generators
Then use two trucks to queue four power generators, and the other two to queue four more. The queue should look like Figure 2, but not that far along.

Fig. 2

9. Your factories will be used to create trucks, so when they finish building, press F1 to go into the factory menu. There you will be able to start producing trucks. The first factory you select should build six, and the other should build five since the maximum trucks you can have is 15.

10. Remember to be checking your research menu constantly so you are researching in all of your facilities.

11. The first four trucks you produce will be used to build 10 oil derricks each, to a total of 40. The maximum number of power generators you can build is 10 and each use four oils max, so 40 are all you can use. Your bases should look like Figure 2 right now.

- four trucks building power generators (two building one row of five, two building the other)
- four building oil derricks (one truck per column)
- factory producing units
- research centers researching whatever is there
- **** IF YOU GET RUSHED (your opponent sends early tanks), SEE THE BOTTOM FOR WHAT TO DO ****

12. The next two trucks you produce will be used to help your four original trucks make power generators. One will be assigned to one group of two, and the other to the other group of two.

13. The next trucks you produce will be used to build the command center and rest of your factories. The max number of factories is five, so you need to build three more.

14. Use your four trucks on oil derrick duty to queue the final two research facilities.

- Four trucks building power generators (three building one row of five, three building the other)
- Four building oil derricks (one truck per column), these will be queued to build the final two research facilities.
- Five trucks (as they are produced) are assigned to building the final three factories
- factory producing units
- research centers researching whatever is there

15. Watch your research, so when you have half-tracks and light cannon researched* you can produce light cannon viper half-tracks from your factories once all 15 of your trucks are produced.

16. When all your trucks are about done, research on cyborg factory will be done*, so use all of them to make the five cyborg factories and produce machinegun cyborgs out of them.

Modules and some troop mix help

17. While you are building these cyborg factories, power module should become available*, so take 4 trucks and build this over 5 power generators. Take another 4 and build it over the other 5 power generators.

18. While this is going on, start making mini rocket viper half-tracks* in your regular factories. The trucks you have finishing up the cyborg factories will then be used to build research modules* over the research facilities.

19. After all of this, your base is nearly completed. You just have to use 3 trucks each to build the factory modules* (two upgrades per factory). Since you have 15 trucks, there will be 5 groups for your 5 factories.

20. Your base is now completed! Your base should look like the figure below. Move your trucks up to build repair facilities/sensor hard points and upgrade your troops in the factories!

Fig. 3

**** DO NOT PANIC!!!! What you need to do it try to research mg tower ASAP. If you have it, sent all your trucks to start building some. You will need to send some trucks to your teammate’s base and try to finish building your base there. Stop all production of trucks and build tanks. It is extremely helpful to research mg tower vs the rush, so try to research it if you have space in your research facilities.

*These timings are arbitrary based on how well you keep up with the research, making sure your research facilities are being used constantly. If you find one research is finished out of order, upgrade/build that ASAP. Usually if something is off it is late, so you many need to wait for things to build. Always be checking the research menu!

Re: High Oil Multiplayer Base Building

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 20:12
by The Overlord
I just found this youtube video that talks about some of the same stuff:

^by KillerChinchilla

Re: High Oil Multiplayer Base Building

Posted: 17 Apr 2016, 22:58
by Tonii_
very clean structure! nice job!

Re: High Oil Multiplayer Base Building

Posted: 19 Jul 2016, 17:11
by Pantifax
This is a good way to start in a Tech 1 game, however it does leave you vulnerable to the truck rush.

Have cyborgs been made useful now?

Is killer chinchilla still playing? he was a legend.