General Game play questions

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General Game play questions

Postby iceman11a » 16 Jan 2015, 11:42

After playing this game before and started playing it again about 2 months ago. I just missed the game so much. I just can't under stand why I can't play all the maps in Warzone 2100.

Some of them I start playing and not even into 20 minutes of the game. I have rockets and Missiles coming down on top of me, And I check my research and Long Range Canons and Missiles don't even show up in my research. Into an hour of game play I still don't have these weapons I my base gets blown up.

So how can I play the other maps and play fair. I only been able to play the 1st 5 maps in the list. Only 2 player and 3 player. The last map of 3 player I can't play all so. I have long Range weapons coming down on my head not after 20 minutes of game play. So ? any ideas.
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Re: General Game play questions

Postby montetank » 16 Jan 2015, 14:25

Maybe you are playing against nexus !? Nexus cheats with research. Play against Nullbot. After a hour you should have these weapons. You are making something wrong with your research. Hmm :hmm: If you can play the 2-player maps and not 4 and more: ... disable alliances
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