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Some thoughts about NullBot Flamer AI and Flamer build

Posted: 01 Sep 2014, 18:30
by Prince Blueblood
Oh well, I'm actually not complaining in this one, but a bit mulling over this particular kind of AI XD

In 1 vs 1 fight in any maps, the first step to win vs every NullBot AI except Flamers is actually being a bit bold, and after holding their first attacks with MG towers, start building tanks and rush them as quickly as possible :lol2: Works almost every time unless I stumbled about some research missing links.

And in 1 vs 1 fight, you just actually need to start building some twin machine gun viper wheels / halftracks and rush the hell out of the Flamer AI. Most of the time they didn't even have any units yet in their base. They're easy to kill when rushed, seriously...

But still, in FFA game, after looking for 3 x playing FFA (6 player map), there's some frightening things to say.
- if you are lucky and another AI nip the flamers in the bud = guarantee to win the game.
- if unlucky and the flamers get strong, prepare for massive pitched battle between flamers and guess... your halftracks, hovers, and cyborgs are useless in this, better prepare massive tracks and pepperpots / hellstorm, and don't forget some nice groups of Sunburst VTOLs to intercept the pesky incendiary bombers.

and I must admit I lost to flamer AI... Again...

Looks like the Flamer AI has the biggest punch when it comes to mid-late game assault force, but they're quite easy to kill when rushed...

Definitely the Greatest set of Nullbot AI, the flamers... if only they're building some machine guns at the start to defend themselves... :lol2: right now I'm deliberately keeping the flamer alive at the beginning to get a fun battle in the middle, but their late game is just insanely strong...

Re: Some thoughts about NullBot Flamer AI and Flamer build

Posted: 03 Sep 2014, 02:32
by Kourtious
Too bad things are really different in Multi-player, because you rarely see flamer tactics. Even if you do, it often does not pay off. Furthermore, one big reason why players don't use flamer tactics is because they are afraid(the only thing really).

The reasons why specifically in 1v1s flamers aren't used: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture: :lecture:
1)Cyborg flamers are naturally bad against machine guns.
2)Tank flamers are easily exploited.
3)Afraid of losing because of using an unorthodox tactic.
4)Flames do nothing against buildings.
5)Most players don't know how to use flamers properly, because: a) flamers on front-line without mg/can./rock. support b) never heard of using 2 armies in a single battle. c) Slow flamers?? :lol2:

Now for this is how long it would take to destroy a heavy tank on tracks. takes that long to destroy a building. O_o

Otherwise flamers would be way too OP and nothing can stop flamer tactics, but seriously more people need to give it a try. :wink:

Re: Some thoughts about NullBot Flamer AI and Flamer build

Posted: 03 Sep 2014, 04:52
by Prince Blueblood
Ah right, will look for better internet connection first (trying MP before but kicked because ping is too high or something)