Technical details of flamers

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Technical details of flamers

Post by anonim17465 » 19 Dec 2013, 14:54

Flamers are so strange, so let's discuss how does they work to find out how to fight against them.

So, questions about how do they cause damage in sutuation of bulk attack?
1) Does damage of two shots from different units sum within 5 sec?
2) Does damage of two shots from the same unit sum within 5 sec?
3) Is there any diference in damage for main target and seconaries targets for question above?
4) Does damage apply to all of units on a straight line of it way in front and after the unit with 100% or with chance of hit?
5) Does the flame jet is always exact size (3-4 tiles), or it does depends on where the target was?

Flamers must die!

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Re: Technical details of flamers

Post by NoQ » 19 Dec 2013, 20:59

There are three sorts of damages caused by flamer:
1) Direct damage (when flamer burst hits its primary target or other targets behind it), 2) Incendiary damage (caused when center of the object is inside burning area, removed when the object leaves the burning area), 3) Burn damage (when object has moved through burning area, during object burn animation).

Next burn damage replaces previous burn damage, and burn damage is hardcoded to be the same for all flamers (15 minus thermal armor). If unit did not move through burning area but only stayed on it, then incendiary damage applies, but burn damage doesn't. Direct damage, incendiary damage and burn radius (radius of burning area for each shot) is controlled via stats. Incendiary and burn damage is not affected by weapon-propulsion damage modifiers in 3.1 (fixed in git master, and it may have a different modifier class).

Accuracy mechanics is the same for flamers and for direct weapons. Not quite sure about range, but it works similarly to rail guns: if it hits the primary target, it may also hit targets behind it, probably taking a bit of range bonus (?) No, not all flamers have same range, it's controlled by stats.

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Re: Technical details of flamers

Post by anonim17465 » 19 Dec 2013, 23:35

Experiment with a flamers.
weapon: starting flamer with mk2 flamer hot gel uprgade (damage = 42)
target: wheel viper rockets (about 200 hp), enemy (defence is about 4, propulsion multiplicator is 110%)

Flamers damage types:
1) Direct hit on a line of a flame jet
no duration damage
instant damage of about 30-40.

2) Incendiary damage because of standing still with it center on a burning land
duration is about 1 second
continues damage deals about 10-15 damage in total
(does it stack?)
(no propulsion affect)
Flame creates one of such incendiary areas after each nearly-hit. With direct hit or at the max distance it stops.

3) Burn damage by "taking" flame from burning land on itself
duration is about 5 seconds
(always 15-thermal armor per second)
(do not stack)
continues damage does a lot of damage, about 40-60 in total.
no propulsion affect
Such type of damage can't be taken without moving.

it does get some distance buff (after missing target flame jet may fly for about 5-6 tiles in total, so +2...3 tiles to max distance)

at T3 tech level there are no noticable damage from burn or incendiary at al, but big instant damage from direct hit when jet hit.

My old misconseptions, probably will be usefull for other:
1. Flamers do it main instand damage to all target in a line, like a big spear.
2. There is no friendly fire of burn damage(you can walk on your incendiary land).
3. There is no friendly fire of incendiary damage(you can shoot at enemies right next to you).
4. There is no friendly fire of missed direct hits (you can shoot at enemy behind your troops)
5. There is friendly fire of direct, on command hit of that friendly unit.
6. main damage from flamers is direct\instant. not from continues damage.(what make it similar to a cannon)
7. units probably "taking" fire from ground
8. "width" of a jet is actually smaller. similar to a gun projectile(probably point-size)
9. "width" of a incendiary area on a land depends on a weapon burn radius.
10. single unit that is running away is less vulnerable to a incendiary\burn damage, because hit "happend" at first point of contact flame jet and a tank, so all incendiary land will appear between running away unit and an attacker.

1. In early game if you see few flamers - stand still, that will reduce damage.
2. In early game if you see mass flamers, that are probably stronger than you - move to get at least some advantage in position
3. In late game keep in mind that all flamers has ONLY instand damage at hit. all their burning things does not do any damage.
4. always spread your units or keep them in a line. in bulk enemy's flamers can hit 2-6(tanks) or about 10-30 cyborgs with instant damage.

1. make all friendly fire on.
2. make direct damage equal to 0 to avoid mass rush (how the heck does flamethrower damage something instantly?)
3. make big burning damage, based on weapon damage, every 0.1...0.3 sec, so armor will affect greately
4. make small incendiary damage, based on weapon damage, every 0.1...0.3, so armor will affect greately
5. do that burning damage non-stackable(already burning), and incendiary damage stackable(general increase in temperature around).

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