I to you will help to pass mission The Assault Begins

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I to you will help to pass mission The Assault Begins

Postby NNSteeX » 09 Jun 2009, 20:00

The main base NEXUS is in the southwest. However in the beginning портебуется to destroy a considerable quantity of the outposts scattered on a card. Begin with construction of the big group by number about 20 tanks to destroy enemy structures to the West from the Landing zone. Then follow on the south of the Zone of Landing and destroy outpost. Destroying there all factories and defensive tourist's fur-trees, behind that take away an artefact. And now start in business yours VTOL.Пошлите them on east edge of a card where destroy all SAM in this area then complete work with tanks. On narrow pass they are waited by warm reception, but the new weapon easily enough and will quickly break forces of protection NEXUS.Уничтожьте enemy Factory and take one more Artefact. :ninja: After you have destroyed South east outpost, direct your group on the West where in a canyon base VTOL.Там is located are very much SAM, but yours VTOL will cope with them easily and quickly. With a total load of heavy bombs it is necessary for you to send four or five VTOL for attack of everyone SAM.Разделите them on three or on four groups and simultaneously send them on the purpose. Thus you will not allow to the enemy to concentrate on any one purpose and will destroy SAM very quickly. During attack on VTOL you will see base SAM almost in the middle of a card. Destroy its rocket installation which it protects. Forget about surrounding towers, they cannot affect your attacks any more. Return all your fighting units in a zone of landing and rearrange for the following attack. Also construct 20 tanks, the West along North country карты.NEXUS has the big outpost in the northwest, with some factories and with good protection. Pass through it and destroying all on the way!
Follow downwards on the western edge of a card. You attack the main base through a back door. There destroy all protection and then take VTOL But is there a little SAM Be protected! Also begin bombing! Still is a little NEXUS Towers destroy them! Then destroy all building and all hurrah you have won this ugly creature NEXUS.С you there was Nikolay from РОССИИ.А it is possible to ask developers that have thought up continuation that the type its network remains also they have begun working out new Ultra_NEXUS.Я to you I can help by the way even читы зделал itself for this game. :twisted:
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Re: I to you will help to pass mission The Assault Begins

Postby Zarel » 10 Jun 2009, 00:24

Um... We already have a walkthrough for the entire singleplayer campaign... you don't need to write another one...

Also, we can barely understand you. If you don't know much English, just post in Russian.

Пожалуйста, не надо использовать переводщики. Просто пишити по-Русски.
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