Beta Mission 9

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Beta Mission 9

Post by Cpt1Downie » 29 Dec 2008, 20:41

Some one help me? Not played for a while so iv been playing the new 2.1, it it just me or am i just really shite? but the collective keep wiping me out, their tank killers / lancers seem so much stronger that the projects :|
so much so that when i enter the mission where you gotta take out the sam sites im greeted with tank killer VTOLs i think, they pretty much just take a unit each time they come, unfortunatly they take out the truck and teh commander each time :| leaving me to deal with what I think are super tank killer hovers as they are making mince meat out of my tracked heavy cannon pythons :( Iv tried to follow the walkthrough on the wiki but, my cyclones get wiped out and then the truck leaving me to wait for the reinforments with 2 or 3 units left as they get picked off one by one by the VTOLs.

btw any sort of anti air weapon is actual just useless, whats with that!?

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Re: Beta Mission 9

Post by themousemaster » 29 Dec 2008, 21:30

BETA9 info

Seriously, I think we be needing to update that guide... unless version 2.2 changes AA AGAIN, at which point maybe we should wait ;p

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