3.2.2 Campaign Issues - Read before starting Gamma

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3.2.2 Campaign Issues - Read before starting Gamma

Post by Notos98 » 19 Feb 2017, 02:02

Since the release of 3.2.2 the campaign Ive noticed a few game breaking issues that are unavoidable or changes that seem out of place

Campaign Alpha

-Large sums of oil automatically mined at the end of most Alpha missions i.e you end alpha 4 with 1:30:00 mins remaining it gives you Oil as if you waited (Only this campaign does this and I wonder if intentional, you end up with 50-60k+ oil, what)
-Mini Rocket batteries are OP. The second you get them it shreds literally everything, put them on hovers makes last mission done in 10mins.
-Ai forces might be suffering a bug the player suffers in gamma campaign (research seems to not apply its bonuses) as I find my tanks started taking pathetic amounts of damage, you can roll tracked units into any base soaking up lancer tower hits like peas hitting a stone wall.

Campaign Beta

Same bug as Cam A, the AI's units health and damage falls off and missions become trivial. Otherwise nothing else unusual

Campaign Gamma - Game Breaking bug - Research does not apply on LOAD of SAVED gamma campaign

This bug ruins this campaign the second you load a save from any gamma campaign, you lose ALL research bonuses, your commander will go from 4k HP to 1900 with base armor values, base damage values, and base speed. It is like you researched command turret, the body, and the tracks and nothing else. From strong heroes to wet paper tanks every time.

I have been able to recreate this bug 100% and there is a workaround but its not ideal. This will only happen in gamma, and will NOT effect saves from the other 2 campaigns! The second you LOAD any level saved in gamma ALL gamma saves are now bugged permanently. ***Research cheat codes does not fix this***

The only solution is to load the last beta level and play gamma from START to FINISH (lol fun right?). It is strictly research that bugs out, everything else is unaffected. Its game breaking because all gamma saves are instantly ruined.


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Re: 3.2.2 Campaign Issues - Read before starting Gamma

Post by NoQ » 20 Feb 2017, 10:34

Hmm, the upgrade bug that covers unconverted campaigns is disturbing. Could you report it as a ticket?
-Large sums of oil automatically mined at the end of most Alpha missions
Early finish bonus, so that you didn't have to sit there and do nothing but mine until time almost runs out.

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