WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

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WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

Postby Vess12 » 30 Jul 2016, 20:39

Hello folks,

What exactly am I supposed to do in order to win mission CAM_1CA? The briefing is so uninformative! I've build a base on the plateau (2 factories, 1 generator, 1 command post) and a bunch of defensive structures (5-6). The enemy keeps sending drops, I kill them, and so on, until the timer expires and the mission fails. I even used the reveal map cheat in order to check that there aren't enemy structures or vehicles hidden somewhere - nope, there aren't. What am I supposed to do?
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Re: WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

Postby alfred007 » 02 Aug 2016, 02:00

When did you build this structures? During CAM_1CA (aka Alpha 7) or during CAM_1C (aka Alpha 6). I build a factory, a Machinegun Guard Tower, a Mini-Rocket Tower and a Repair Facility during CAM_1CA and won.

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Re: WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

Postby Bethrezen » 03 Sep 2016, 02:11

this mission can be a pain in the backside and will often bug especially if you are like me and you set up a whole bunch of turrets on the previous level basically you just need to build an outpost and a few turrets to defend it and then eliminate all the new paradigm units that fly in as quick as possible

personally I'd remove that mission altogether because setting up an outpost on that plato is a retarded idea especially when your primary base is in such a strong defensive position and basically impossible to reach if you set up a couple of choke points one to the north near the entrance to your base and the other to the south by that long narrow passage

personally I wouldn't bother setting up a base there at all if not for the fact that's the way the game is scripted and as soon as that mission is over I immediately dismantle the outpost on the plato to make life easier later on
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Re: WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

Postby montetank » 03 Sep 2016, 15:21

In case the WZ-game ends in a draw , the game winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out.
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Re: WIn condition for CAM_1CA?

Postby Joatlee » 09 Sep 2016, 18:13

In my current playthrough, iirc I just built 4 repair centers on the plateau after this mission started, and was able to complete it.

I've tried to take a look at the mission's script, and it seems that any 4 base structures will do as long as they're built during the mission, and not before.
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