hidden or fogged repair turret in Alpha 7

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hidden or fogged repair turret in Alpha 7

Postby robertbruce » 27 Jun 2016, 05:23

Hello all, new player, great game, many thanks for all the good work done.

I am playing through with no KIA'a untill I get to A7 and all of a sudden loose ten units. So I am outraged and stomping all over the map to find out why....
Right down the bottom right hand corner of the map, south-east of NP air-drop, I have a squad of units hiding in the dark fog of war. Only one seems selectable, a repair unit but he, nor the others, can go anywhere. I am wondering how they got there? Did I forget them in an earlier retreat?
Problem is, if i don't drive an attacking force in there to flatten the drops, they will finish the hidden squad and all of a sudden I have 10 KIA's!

I did some searching and couldnt find much on this hidden unit...?

I would also like to ask some other questions....
Is there a keypress to see how many units and what rank they are?
Is there a way to call up ranks?
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Re: hidden or fogged repair turret in Alpha 7

Postby RobertMoon1211 » 29 Jun 2016, 10:07

Same thing happened with me as well, I'm also searching for answers, I hope some guru sheds some light on this bizarre scenario we are stuck in:(
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Re: hidden or fogged repair turret in Alpha 7

Postby Bethrezen » 03 Sep 2016, 01:47


if its the issue I'm thinking of this is a known problem I've reported it my self a few times I'm not really sure what causes it but you can recover your units on the next away mission by selecting them as reinforcements and then flying them in and when you get back from the away mission they should be back at the landing site.

now don't hold me to this because I cant be certain but I think this glitch is caused by adding units to the reinforce window during an away mission and then changing your mind and removing them from the reinforce window when you do this the computer doesn't place the units back at its original location like it should and consequently the unit or units end up in the corner or the map

I've had this happen on beta and gamma campaign although on beta its not so much of an issue because you can just drive them back down to your base but when this happens on alpha and gamma it can be a real swine to try and get your units back because there is no way to drive your units back down to your base

another way this can happen is when you are on an away mission and you build units but don't fly them in and then subsequently save and reload when you get back from the way mission again your units wont be where they should be

a third way this can happen is when you have a lot of units with you on an away mission what happens then is that the landing sight is to small and then some of the units can end up stuck up mountains

hope this helps
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