Beta 2(second capaing problem)

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Beta 2(second capaing problem)

Postby Vlad123 » 01 May 2015, 15:32

Then, I thought of not having to ask for help, but you see that's been so many years (11) since I finished WZ 2100 (now I'm 20) ch I can not finish some missions. So I intereccettare the enemy commander. I have a commander-class hero. whenever I from "enemy on the run" where I have to "break through the defenses?". PS really there are other missions in addition to the third campaign?
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Re: Beta 2(second capaing problem)

Postby Cyp » 01 May 2015, 17:43

If using an automatic translator, it's better to leave the original too, since automatic translations can be very hard to understand.

Se si utilizza un traduttore automatico, è meglio lasciare l'originale, in quanto anche le traduzioni automatiche può essere molto difficile da capire.
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Re: Beta 2(second capaing problem)

Postby Bethrezen » 15 Apr 2016, 02:15

if its beta 2 you are having problems with that mission is actually pretty simple all you have to do is get to the crashed airship you can largely ignore everything else, the way I do that mission is with an experience commander leading a squad of heavy body tracked assault gunners or commander leading a squad of heavy body tracked lancers and a mobile repair unit

upon landing head north right up to the top of the screen until you find the oil barrels then turn east until you see the crashed air ship recover your people easy, takes all of about 5 mins

if the mission you are having trouble with is Beta 4 the one where you have to catch the enemy commander before he escapes with the artefact then again that mission is actually pretty easy

I reefer you to my post on the matter

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