Cannot complete alpha 11

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Cannot complete alpha 11

Post by Palmaroma » 13 Jun 2014, 22:40

So I made the mistake of saving with 23 minutes left, on mission 11 of the alpha campaign. Well aside from that mistake I still get through the level, destroy all scavenger bases, and send a bombard team to kill all enemy units on the ramp area and cause the important artifacts to drop. So no enemy unit is left and I advance past the choke point with about 8 minutes left. A transport suddenly appears on the enemy lz, then bolts off without picking up any enemies and once the transport is gone I get a "mission failed" message. Is this a new bug in the latest iteration of Warzone 2100? I was damn sure every enemy was dead, and I certainly saw no enemy being picked up, what is going on here?

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Re: Cannot complete alpha 11

Post by montetank » 14 Jun 2014, 01:36

Forget the bombards and the scavs. You must be quick to kill the heavy cannon tank. Then go to the base and destroy the enemy-units. Thats all. Then you have time to make some fun for experience with the scavs. I will show you tommorow the way. It is even the same question for this mission. It is a very hard mission-but you can find the answers for your questions in this forum. Don`t be lazy to search :wink:
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