Bugs must be fixed for future release

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Bugs must be fixed for future release

Post by montetank » 03 Nov 2013, 01:22

It annoys me to see, no one is talking about the bugs in the campaign. O_o
We all start our first steps with the campaign. So it is very important to make the campaign perfect.
Let us start with

-Alpha 7
( the enemy-transporter): To prepare in Alpha 6 with to much defense structures for Alpha 7 has the consequence, that the transporter won`t arrive in Alpha 7 :?
three years ago i lost the interesse to play our game. So-It was a cold winternight and it was pure coincidence that i try the campaign again-build no defenses and.... Yippiyeah-something happend. Must be fixed!!

So i learned not to give up and i was confronted with the next bugs-both in:

-Alpha 10--the first bug is the same as in Alpha 7-don`t build to much defense (lancer-towers for example) nothing will be happend-no enemy at the LZ- you will loose the mission....uuurghh :augh:
I saw this bug and i was very intelligent: I build factories near the LZ-and what happend? During my mission in Alpha 9 i produce my units at this factories. When i came back home i saw my units on a cliff in the SE-corner. Could not move them-loosing my units and their experience. (only in the version 3.1 rc3)

Beta (cam2) was clean.

Gamma 2 (cam3-b)-the nuklear.mission: Is this most horrible bug fixed? O_o
DON`T rescue your units please. The units seek their fortunes elsewhere but not in Gamma 6. Also a bug only in the 3+ versions.

Thats it.... but-wait a minute----not a bug but one bad thing makes me angry: The gift at the beginning of Beta 1 and Gamma 1: 30 units with high experience (hero....) why?
I can understand the intention for the gift. But 30 units with high experience is to much. One landing with 10 units-middle experience is absolutely enough.

Sorry for my bad english-it was important for me to say, that the game depend on the campaign. We are talking much about balance/art/maps aso.--and thats ok. But dont forget the campaign please

In case the WZ-game ends in a draw , the game winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out.

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Re: Bugs must be fixed for future release

Post by NoQ » 03 Nov 2013, 10:35

But 30 units with high experience is to much.
Well, if you use commanders, 3 is more than enough to never care about experience after alpha ...

Anyway, fixing it all depends on whether we're going to rewrite our campaign in javascript in 3.2.

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