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All you need is Assault Guns and Pulse Lasers?

Posted: 27 May 2019, 11:29
by macservice123
Oh well, not sure how to said that, but... after installing the excellent NullBot 2.11 AI, I'm not sure but I was "Forced" to focus on getting Assault gun ASAP, especially when I want to turtle up and enjoy the game longer (instead of counter-attacking and wipe them out in mid game using Assault gunner cyborgs + Twin Assault Gun Mantis Hover)

Oh well, I'm not complaining that bullets are too strong, since they're end up relegated into meatshield territories in late game, but still, the real question is the Pulse Laser, who always end up as Pretty much trump card against anything late game, even vs Hard Turtle AI who build a ton of defenses.

Let's see, they outrange anything save true artilleries, do really good damage against anything, and most importantly, the Pulse Laser Hardpoints is the perfect defense you need when you have VTOL Pulse Laser to take care of some odd artilleries who will appear time to time, and Pulse Laser Mantis Hover to wipe the rest of enemy ground forces (esp since when you're playing too much with VTOL, NullBot will start attacking with artilleries and AA guns, which was quite good in theory, but end up making their invasion force minced meat when meet with Assault Gun + Pulse laser on hover.


And oh, I must said that after some disastrous attempts to tech up artilleries, I must now said that I found Artillery wars wanting... :lol2: CB fights is interesting and fun, but your base will be virtually un-attackable if you don't build ANY artilleries at all. VTOLs is far better and not easily CB-ed, and Pulse Laser already outrange anything

And honestly, I start to think that Pulse Laser is too ... perfect weapon... you don't even need AA guns vs VTOLs because Pulse Lasers backed up by Twin Assault Guns eats VTOLs for breakfast...

What about either reducing their range / power then?

Re: All you need is Assault Guns and Pulse Lasers?

Posted: 07 Jun 2020, 22:44
by Goblue
Pulse lasers are op.