Tournament WARCON 2x2 NTW 2018

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Tournament WARCON 2x2 NTW 2018

Postby andrvaut » 11 Jan 2018, 16:54

I will organize another tournament.
This time all the maps will be light: hight oil (NTW)

1) tournament games will begin in the second half of February - early March
2) version of the game 3.2.4 (if you do not have time to release the transfer or play the master version)
3) tournament team, in team 2 participants
4) maps without a fight for energy and more than 8 power stations per player.
5) the initial settings will be different: the base is on/off, scavengers on/off and separate research on/off.
6) maps will be 6. They will be ready in the near future.

How past the team tournaments you can see -- 2016 2x2 -- 2017 3x3

We will be happy to see everyone at the tournament.
For registration, write to me or leave comments on this topic
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