New sensor towers? Really?

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New sensor towers? Really?

Postby JimmyJack » 13 Jul 2017, 21:51

I'm kind of lost here.
I seen the new towers in the game (I know they been around a while but they are new to me) I don't know what they do so I tried them out to see. I put up (Jammers) all round my base till the hole base is covered. I can see them doing something I just don't know what. As soon as the A.I. puts up an hardened sensor tower my base starts taking Arty fire. Clearly the jammer is not jamming the hardened sensor tower. I also tried building radar detector towers but cannot tell what they do or if they are doing it. The A.I. don't use jammers as far as I can tell.

I clearly don't know how to use these towers. Were they not intended to be used with the A.I,? My connection is too slow to play online so the A.I. is all I have.

So the question is. What are these towers, what do they do, and how do they do it? I looked through some old topics but didn't find much.
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Re: New sensor towers? Really?

Postby Berserk Cyborg » 13 Jul 2017, 22:47

The radar detector is used to find enemy sensors (shown as colorful blips on the mini-map). This includes anything like their command center, uplinks, various sensor towers, and more importantly sensor units. It does, however, not allow anything to be assigned to it. Do note that it has a much larger range compared to other sensors.

Jammer towers/turrets are supposed to hide your units/structures and make enemies have to come up closer than usual to get their artillery to attack you. It does not seems to work correctly at the moment (or at least as one would expect).
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