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warcon Championship Series 2017 3x3

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 19:19
by andrvaut
Starting a new Tournament.


Registration will take place since april 16 till may 10 of 2017

warcon Championship Series 2017 3x3 (Further – warcon 3x3) – Team based tournament 3v3. The system will depend on the number of registered teams:
1-3 – tournament is not held.
4-6 – Round-robin. Separate Finals.
7-16 – Double elimination. Order is determined by accident.
  • open ntw
    defensive high oil
    medium oil with the fight for the oil
    medium oil without the fight for the oil
    low oil classic
    stupid map (x2)
Team composition
All players are divided into pro (further P), veterans (V) and amateurs (N).
In a team of 3 to 5 participants, replacement of players is possible between fights.

Allowed combinations of players:
  • PPN
Forbidden combinations of players:
  • PPP
All people who played well at last year's team tournament or wz-con are referred to the pro. Awaken legends that have earned fame before will also be translated into this category.
Veterans - all the old experienced players.
Any well-known veteran player may be pro.
Amateurs - all the rest.
The administration will have the last word where to categorize the player

Complete rules: ... lWVvfTqH3k

Re: warcon Championship Series 2017 3x3

Posted: 09 May 2017, 14:26
by andrvaut
Good afternoon!!
Registration for the tournament comes to an end.
It is unfortunate that few foreign players participate in the tournament, but I hope they will be spectators.

Streams of meetings will be on the channel ... tSz2TdHFww
Players wishing to stream can write to me. There are 4 places for observers on each map.

Preview map:

Preview stupid map

All Maps:

Registered teams:

Re: warcon Championship Series 2017 3x3

Posted: 08 Jun 2017, 18:24
by andrvaut
Tournament 3 on 3 is completed.
Firstly, I congratulate the winners - the whole team of Dragoons showed a high level of the game. Nion and Verruckt did well in the SP clan.
The Legends team became objectively weaker due to the restrictive rule + lack of training for our newcomer. Nevertheless, she managed to "squeeze" the third place in the team Jin & Noob cunning and not without the help of BRO;)

The transfer of games was not enough, discipline pleased.
Thanks to the teams for participating!

P.s. In July we will stage the first stage of WarCon 2017 1v1 for non-pro players. Will be drawn a small prize pool and 4 slots in the main tournament. GL & HF!

all match: ... gBGYhWgE_o