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Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 17:07
by Tonii_
vexed wrote:This means that the MP population will NEVER increase, it will decrease, and the "pros" then get bored with playing with the same people, so they leave, and then we got a even smaller MP population.
I think you missed this brilliant line in my text
Tonii_ wrote:Options for the HOST = only able to join hosted game with a score +1000, like this PRO dont have to kick noobs, and the noob have a motivation to skill up and be able to join the PRO games :D.
vexed wrote:For example, there are no good video tutorials that show what is expected of these people, so, they can never learn.
Thats wrrong ! We have KillerChinchilla look: ... f4uNR0jmMc

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 17:13
by Tonii_
Jiiin-K wrote:Great idea guys, even if I do not understand all of what you say.. only the log-in system!

Just an idea.. to call the ppl and join us in MP
Newbie need to be accompanied by pro to be motivate in muliplayer.. the problem is "PRO" want to play them only (that i can understand) but we are not newbie and they may be frustated when they are kicked, so to resolve the problem i think we have to make a "Training school" for newbie with 1 or 2 leader PRO to learn them the tactics, shorkey, how to play low oïl high or medium oïl.
The campaign mod and skirmish are good also, but a newbie is a newbie and and does not reflect so much like in MP with real players..

For this "Training School" work good, i think we have to make a trailer of this School on YouTube, and make a New topic on forum to register new players who want to practice in this clan and maybe later come in MP :)

Also, another problem (my opinions) is when new players are coming on IRC, and they ask Something or talk, 90% of communities are afk and don't discuss with them, then they leave and it's bad! You will tell me we can't be 24/24 on keyboard and i understand don't worry.. but that i think same if it's impossible i have no idea i don't know about how to make a programs or what u like, but why not add or create an general channel in game ??like this the ppl will talk all together.

If u think i'm wrong tell me.
General chat room in the lobby of game :) nice idea :D

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 22:42
by Jiiin-K
General chat room in the lobby of game :) nice idea :D[/quote]

I just hope it is possible.. Just imagine it +50 000 downloaders are talking in a general channel introduced in the window multipayer...
With some PRO'S discuss with them ? :)

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 01:00
by KillerChinchilla69
here are my ideas, which I have posted previously in another thread:

I have played several games(COD, CSGO, Magic) that have different ranking systems and I think we should look to them for guidance. The most robust rank system I have knowledge of is CSGO, and I think it has a few good points we should discuss. Its important to understand no matter how you implement a rank system it will be imperfect, the job at hand is to try to make the best one for WZ.

Counter-strike Global Offensive(CSGO) has two separate rank systems and two separate game types. Games are either competitive and count towards your competitive rank, or are casual and do not count towards your competitive rank. All games, both competitive and casual, give you experience points(XP) and contribute towards another rank system(lets call it casual rank). As you gain XP from all games and completing challenges, causing your casual rank to increase. This rank never decreases based on poor performance, it only increases and can be used as a measure of how much a player has played the game.

Competitive games counts towards competitive rank, casual obviously does not. If WZ were to implement a strict ranking system where all games counted towards one type of rank, players may be hesitant to play. Personally, I don't want to lose my competitive rank and therefore would not want to play competitive games with new players, unbalanced teams etc. As the rank system stands right now, there is no rank, so I will play just about any game haha. Having the option for casual game that do not count towards competitive rank, but do count towards a casual rank, would probably be a good idea!

Another issue is how often people drop out of games, thus causing their team to lose. This is a major issue that other games have solved. In CSGO, for example, players have the ability to reconnect if they are disconnected. If they do not reconnect, their team gets a bot that the other players can control, this helps their team deal with being down a player. Is there a way that we can do something similar in WZ? It would not be fair for a player to drop connection and all the other team mates lose the game and rank points.

Another issue is players cheating the system. CSGO is not a free game, and yet lots of people cheat and risk getting their accounts banned. Warzone is a free game, players don't have to invest to play the game. What measures could we have to prevent cheating? What is stopping a player from having two computers and boosting his one accout by repeatedly beating the other account?

TLDR: CSGO has competitive and causal game types, all give experience points that contribute to casual rank, only competitive games count towards competitive rank. We may want to consider something similar. Warzone games often drop players, unbalancing teams and ruining the game, how do we account for this in competitive games? Players are always going to try to exploit a system, how do we prevent cheating/account boosting?

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 18:31
by Jiiin-K
For sure the best idea for WZ is an log-in system attached to adress mail, it will resolve much problem as some who use the name of the other players!

After idea about ranking to motivat players is good, but players playing exclusively skirmish and use cheat codes (and yes they are available is not good) will take the big head in multiplayer because their statistics skirmish..

I think the skirmish mode should be changed so that players do not abuse.

Give a sense on skill of player is important in all online game's, but this can't work with campagn or a skirmish mod,
my idea is to make a stats system on 3 thing: (A program that calculate the following points)
-Win rate
-Kill to death

Like this the ppl will play more serious, and decrease the numbers of players leaving the parties
Again here i give suggestion but if it's impossible to make that then it's impossible lol

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 19:22
by Tonii_
I agree with jin, a good rank system shuld count win/luse rotation, about killerchinchilla i can say, cheater can get banned from the lobby 2 and never be able to rejoin with the ip.. by a log-in system he would never be able to join with his ranked acc.

WZ is a game which is based on oil .. as Fenrir sayed. So for the Basic score, keep oil spend, oil generated, as an countable value is also a good idea.

also it gives the possible to detect cheaters if you count this 2 values!

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 19:30
by Jiiin-K
All idea's here are also good,we have now found a system to calculate and make an average that would give the player statistics.

But the point on "deseter" must be taken into account like a lose, leaving a party will not be without conséquences!

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 11 Sep 2016, 03:38
by Tonii_
hmmm wz-2100 is doing decline since soo long.. im wondering why... i mean, all this developers which worked on 2100 are bringing every new year a new version...they work sooo hard on it :/ ... im confused ..,,,,,. bullsh*t the reason is clear.. its residue in engineering.. get a score system up guys... a new version won't even be worth it... you will get more success for W-Z2100 by getting the log-in score system up!

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 11 Sep 2016, 05:13
by Tonii_

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in system to join WZ

Posted: 11 Sep 2016, 08:25
by cowboy
So, this post came to my attention by daBoss. I don't have much time to check follow-ups as I'm currently prepping for a very large software contract. I'll try to keep this brief.

Warzone's Multiplayer issue regarding pros vs. newbies
I see discussions by devs that "pros" need to be friendly or "pros" need to do XYZ to make the game more approachable. Which is probably all very true, but the fact is, we don't have control over the humans that play this computer game. Some players will be jerks; some players will be friendly. Just like in real life, we can't force someone to "be nice".

Every warzone 2100 player is different, and every warzone 2100 player will put in different amounts of time to learn to play skillfully. This fact will be true as long as the fundamental mechanics of the game remain the same.

So we should stop spending precious development time and efforts in trying to change the MP game to affect human nature. Instead, development efforts should be more focused on: "How can we write game code to facilitate both types of players?" Now, let's apply this idea to questions like this:

* Does removing rank help both types of players? No.

It's just as simple as that. Follow this basic idea and the WZ MP community will grow.

Now, specifically, regarding our current challenges with newbies.

When newbies get kicked:

* Their feelings get hurt.
* Discourages their moral to keep playing.
* Doesn't give them a chance to learn.
* Doesn't provide them with an opportunity to experience a pro game.

These are real issues for newbies in MP. I've reiterated this before; Warzone should have a spectator mode that allows newbies to tag along for the ride. If a spectator mode existed in Warzone, newbie's feelings won't get hurt as much. Newbies would experience a pro game, and finally, it gives newbies a chance to learn. Spectator mode is where development efforts should be focused if we are thinking about making the MP experience more inclusive to all types of players. Spectator mode would be a positive step in the right direction. I'm sure many pros wouldn't mind showing off their skills.

Re: Score/Stats/Rank Log-in
Lastly, I do not think precious dev time should be spent on these features because I don't see these ideas solving our current MP community problem. In fact, I believe it would make current problems worse. Spectator mode only requires changing client-side code AFAIK; adds no additional burden server-side. All the proposed changes for a score/stats/login system all add extra weight and maintenance costs. And we _currently_ are running on volunteer time and money? Just doesn't make any sense to me.