Poor mobility

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Poor mobility

Post by avmilack » 24 May 2015, 04:33

This game is awesome, I've been playing it now and then for about 10 years. But sometimes I get pissed off because the units get blocked very easily in the alpha campaign, especially when I have to manage a team inside a narrow space. How do you guys avoid situations like these examples?
  1. I send a group of tanks to attack an enemy base. They're highly ranked and I'm not willing to lose a single unit, so they will retreat at medium damage. The units at the front get hit first and need to retreat. The space is narrow, and as they turn back, they get blocked by other tanks that are moving forward. Some units are lost.
  2. I have a commander with some units assigned, let's say 10 tanks and some mortars. All the tanks are very close to each other, and the commander is among them. I want the team to move to another area. The tanks will follow their commander, but he is stuck so nobody moves. As a result, I have to select some tanks individually, move them first to liberate the commander, and reassign them later.
  3. I have some mortars assigned to a sensor turret or a commander in order to take advantage of their range. Of course there are other tanks with the sensor / commander, I will not send him to the front line alone. As the tanks move forward, the mortars stay a little behind, they don't need to be exposed with such a long range. Things get a little complicated at the battle and I need to retreat. The path is narrow, and the mortars won't move as long as they're close enough to the sensor / commander. The tanks get stuck, and again, I have to select the mortars individually, retreat them, and reassign them to the sensor / commander.
I apology if the thread is repeated, I couldn't find another related. Thank you!

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Re: Poor mobility

Post by vexed » 25 May 2015, 04:50

Well, there is no quick & easy fix for pathing issues, so, unfortunately, you need to micro-manage units at this time. :(

Usually, you need to deal with fewer units to avoid the traffic jam, then, in wide open areas, you can assign them all together again.
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Re: Poor mobility

Post by Attack » 31 May 2015, 07:41

1. I find it's a good deal to send all your non-injured units forward so that injured units at the front can run back. Select units, press , to send injured units to heal and then click forward.

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