Finished Warzone Tournament winter 2015

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Finished Warzone Tournament winter 2015

Post by crab_ » 31 Mar 2015, 18:53

Report for Russian Warzone Tournament winter 2015 (Finished)

Hello. Here is Report on finished Tournament.
I have not participated but I think that Tournament can serve as example of good organized tournament. It has interesting rules but I can't correctly translate these rules. Sorry for bad english :oops:

Yes! Tourmanent are happening, but you need communicate with enterprising people who organize tournaments.
And yes low-oil games and low-oil players are still alive.
Thanks to tournament organizer [Bro]Rotor

Tournament lasted from 15 february to 22 march.
Web-page of tournament (russian): (use google translate)
Winners: 1: RBMW-Fenrir 2:Jake 3:El Diablo

In short:
1. 10 participants
1. Duel games with two spectators. Each 2 players in group fight in 3 matches.
2. High-oil + low-oil at once (!). Players can select maps.
3. All games were recorded.
4. Warzone2100 version: 3.1.2


Games video:
Each game was recorded. In result we have 64 videos.
All videos uploaded to this Youtube channel: ... w8AFBVfdXQ
Final game:
RBMW Fenrir vs Jake on Dramatic:
RBMW Fenrir vs Jake on Darkness:
RBMW Fenrir vs Jake on Batterfly:

semifinal Jake vs finder on Dramatic: on Butterfly:
semifinal RBMW-Fenrir vs El Diablo on Dramatic: on Darkness:
3rd place El Diablo vs finder on Siberia:: on Darkness:

4c-Siberia (high-oil)
4c-Dramatic_s (high-oil)
4c-Darkness (low-oil)
4c-ConStruction (low-oil)
You can download tournament's maps here:

By the Rules of Tourmament players can select 3 maps from 5. Both players remove 1 map from list and then play 3 games on the remaining maps.

Stage 1 Table:

Stage 2 (final) Table:

[Bro]Rotor (also known as RBMW-Engine, Jack Sheppard)

Group A:
1. RBMW-Fenrir
2. finder
3. M'r Gecko
4. LadyFox
5. Vades16

Group B:
1. Jake
2. El Diablo (kwown as RMBW-Collector)
3. Sandello
4. Vaut GN
5. Jasson

(sorry for my bad english)

More info here: (russian)
Warzone2100 Guide -

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