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The parts

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 20:08
by Josh_lp20
Hello, I was playing Warzone 2100 the other day and I realized there were alot of parts I never saw before (like the Mantis body part), and I also remenber playing alot of the Multiplayer when this game first came out (arround 2000, with a bunch of friends), I was wondering if those parts were campaing only, seeing as I never played the campaing, I'm quite curious about their origins.

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 01:16
by ClockWork
If I recall, the multiplayer years ago only included the Tier One items, the most basic components.

But yes, the Mantis is one of the parts in the campaign. I personally won't say any of their origins expect that most of the stuff is from the campaign, as they may contain spoilers.

Some things such as the super heavy bodies, (Dragon, Wyvern,) Fortresses, and Super Cyborgs were added on. along with a few other things.

But, The campaign is fun, and I would recommend playing though it at least once, as it is a totally different feel from multiplayer.

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 02:52
by Josh_lp20
Thanks! I didnt knew there were so many cool stuff back then!

I just started the campaing a while ago, it seems pretty interesting.

Just to get one last thing out of the way, the parts that were added arent on the campaing, right?

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 04:48
by ClockWork
That's correct.
Edit; I should have also mentioned that while the game's initial release included multiplayer, back then the parts were limited. Fastforward to the present day, and now multiplayer contains everything from the campaign and more.

To be concise, multiplayer now has all campaign parts, plus more. Meanwhile, campaign mode only has campaign parts, no added stuff.

Off the top of my head, the added content includes, (but not limited too, as there used to be a guide that had every structure and droid, but I think it disappeared somewhere.)

Twin Assault Machinegun turret/hardpoint
Twin Assault cannon turret/bunker/hardpoint
Anti-air cannon
Anti-air lancers (a.k.a Sun Burst)
Various Super Cyborgs
Super heavy bodies
Various Fortresses
LaSat (technically, it's in the campaign...lots of fun if you get to that point, heh...)
Plasmite Bomb
Sensor Finder
Heavy Repair Turret
Wall Gates

I cant remember, but I think the Wide Spectrum Tower, Plasmite Flamers, Incendiary mortars, and Incendiary Howitzers were added as well, I don't remember using them in the campaign.

I think that was everything. There are also mods that let you play as scavengers too!

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 13:04
by Josh_lp20
Thanks again!

That seems like alot of stuff to play with!

As for the mods, I saw some of them but havent tried, I would surely love to play as scavengers!

And once again, Thanks! :D

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 20:49
by Goth Zagog-Thou
Nice discussion going here. :)

The above was indeed added in later patches to Warzone 2100 after the retail release, the 1.10 Patch was the big one that added the Super Heavy Bodies and Fortresses. It was also the last official one that the Pumpkins released. Fun fact.

Once you folks finish the Original Campaign, give Campaign 4 a try. It's rough around the edges, and unfinished, but you'll find it a challenge and I need the feedback from "fresher perspectives" -- AND, it has all the "new stuff". I'm completely open to feature requests and new ideas!

Re: The parts

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 20:53
by Goth Zagog-Thou
And if you're interested, there are plenty of other community mods .. Contingency (which is at the heart of Campaign 4), Ultimate Scavengers (also in Campaign 4), Mechs (Super-Duper Cyborgs), the list goes on. All of them great. Tons of maps too. Enjoy!