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Posted: 07 Jun 2014, 23:54
by Killgroup
Hi there, new here, I haven't played Warzone 2100 since I was about 9, I played it on the Playstation and I always remember plugging in a second controller to use the cheats, I used to love this game as a kid.

Now, I seem to remember that when I hovered over units/buildings with my mouse pointer it used to display a tooltip showing information about that unit (the unit name, i.e. "Scavenger Trike" , only when playing it now it doesn't seem to happen. Have I remembered incorrectly, or is something not working?


Re: Tooltips?

Posted: 08 Jun 2014, 08:56
by Hesterax
If you select a unit a blue bar appears at the top with info about the unit, like if it is an allied unit, percentage of damage, what it is called and stuff like that. I haven't played the game on the PlayStation so I am not 100% sure of what you are talking about but I have an idea, I still prefer the current.

Re: Tooltips?

Posted: 08 Jun 2014, 12:53
by Killgroup

That works only for an allied unit, should this also be working for enemy units? That's the main thing I'm trying to accomplish, thanks for your help/suggestions though. Maybe I'm getting my games crossed, I was only young after all. As an aside, did they change some of the levels? I feel like some of the earlier campaign levels (the one with the sensor tower on the hill) have been changed since the original.

Re: Tooltips?

Posted: 09 Jun 2014, 14:52
by Kih-ap-hiih
That is the same info on the top of the screen, on blue bar, as on playstation1. :?
And no you cant see that for enemy, only if you right klick, to see the damage he have. :augh:

Re: Tooltips?

Posted: 09 Jun 2014, 18:45
by NoQ
The differences you notice are more likely differences between PC and PS versions.
Campaign levels were never redesigned, and campaign scenario scripts had very few insignificant bugfix changes.