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Re: Power rebalance

Postby Per » 27 Jan 2012, 23:00

Oil barrels are infinite. Grab one, another appears somewhere.

You are trying to design workarounds for extremely rare situations in which both players have almost nothing left (an effort which I regard akin to redesigning chess to avoid the possibility of a draw), so surely hunting oil barrels should be an acceptable solution?
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Re: Power rebalance

Postby aubergine » 28 Jan 2012, 23:54

<off-topic> @Per: Could "canReach()" check be added to oil barrel placement - sometimes they appear in non-accessible locations. </off-topic>
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Re: Power rebalance

Postby theArmourer » 29 Jan 2012, 02:59

I'll leave my $0.02.

I think that requiring power for oil derricks is a good idea, increasing the cost of power generators is okay (perhaps we could increase the cost of the power module instead?), HQ power is good, HQ having 2-4 HMGs good, HQ having special powers - bad, bad, bad, bad. Age of Empires 2 was a good game, one of the things that ruined 3 was that they added special "powers." IMHO, in a RTS, passive abilities or bonuses = good, active abilities = bad.
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