@per about accuracy

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Re: @per about accuracy

Post by vexed » 19 Feb 2016, 06:31

Iluvalar wrote: I don't know what to say about it either. You guys are aware that you are pilling the work on balance in a corner, but no one seem seriously willing to talk about anything. How is that meant to work ?
I am perfectly aware of what is going on, and all this is being actively discussed before we make our plans final.

Just give some time so we can hash out what needs to be done, I am in the process of making a list of needed changes to get back to a stable base.

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Re: @per about accuracy

Post by MIH-XTC » 15 Aug 2016, 20:09

Can someone please explain what the exact problem is with accuracy?

Is the problem with how WZ calculates accuracy or is the problem with the actual values; long hit and short hit?

Well, short hit was removed in 3.2 but still... I don't see any problems with accuracy. We can set accuracy to 0% or 100% and we can set it based on how far away a droid is from its target.

So what's the problem?

The only thing I can see from this thread and previous complaints is that larger bodies are more likely to get hit and larger projectiles are more likely to hit. Umm... that's the nature of reality.

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Re: @per about accuracy

Post by NoQ » 16 Aug 2016, 13:25

Tl;dr: The accuracy may jump between its actual value and 100% rapidly with slight increase in body size or slight increase of the actual value or slight decrease of the distance. It makes certain body size choices, certain accuracy upgrades, and certain unit placements significantly overpowered.

In 2.3.9 and earlier versions, accuracy used to follow an unrealistic and weird-looking mechanics that avoided this balance issue.

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per about accuracy

Post by Haroldneush » 18 Jul 2017, 10:42

yeah... shooting unmatched arrows seems like a good way to have very poor accuracy :p

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