My balance Issue with cannons

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Re: My balance Issue with cannons

Post by montetank » 30 May 2014, 16:49

crab_ wrote:Hello.
I did not played some months but I think TAC (Twin Assault Cannon) can be made weaker a bit.

Historically cannons were weak in early game and were overpowered a bit in late game..
Hello, crab-nice to hear you again. I dont want to start again this balance-discussion. It makes me tired. Now we have the new balance and we have to live with that. I am only a player and not the expert in balance. But something was going wrong in the last balance-change. No chance for quick-rush-players. The flamers are overpowered in early-games. No chance for my mg-units to attack a base. Ok-the first base is possible-but not the third base. After two hits, my viper/halftracks are heavy damaged. Fight until you are dead or send them home. But i have in this time no repair-station. Only a repair-truck. I must say-the earlier balance was much better. The new balance was made for defense-players and players, who cant handle with units. I'm a little bit disappointed. But as i said above-i am not the expert in balance. I will leave this general balance-dicussion now with a satisfying feeling of resignation and the pleasant aftertaste.
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Re: My balance Issue with cannons

Post by Hesterax » 31 May 2014, 16:20

Cannon and rockets are better for longer lasting games and huge maps but I still prefer the machinegun tree since it is the best for rushing.
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