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Build Time balance proporsal

Post by Reg312 » 14 Dec 2012, 16:40

Hello everyone.
I have idea how balance can be improved in more safest way: make overpowered components to be build slower.
i mean: lets change build time of some components. increase build time for overpowered stuff and decrease build time for rare used stuff.
This works for maps with lots of oil at bases and such changes will not break sacred low-oil balance.
It is just small tuning :)

I suggest "Build Time fix", i'll make ticket for this :)

Target of this patch: high-oil and medium-oil team-matches.
Build time is one of most importart parameters on maps where you have enough oil at base.
Note: maps with a lot of oil on bases are most popular and yes this maps are stupid.

Low-oil and classic warzone maps/settings should no be touched.
Early game balance was not touched, except MG towers build time increased.

List of changes which i suggest to implement in game:
percentage shows how much build time should be increased or decreased
Bug body. build time +15%
Mantis body. set same build time as python body
retaliation body -20%
retribution body -20%
vengeance body -20%
Machinegun tower. build time +20% (thinking tower rush strategy should be nerfed a bit this way)
Assault Gun Hardpoint. build time +100% (fixing bug with this)
Mortar pit + 20%
Incendiary mortar pit +15%
Ripple rocket battery +10%
Ground shaker emplacemnt +15%
All fortresses +15% (they still much better than common defenses)
Assault cannon -30% (making assault cannon usable!!!!)
Lancer cyborg +10%
Flamer + 15%
Inferno + 15%
Plasmite flamer +15%
Thermite bombs +10%
Plasmite bombs +15%
Tiger body +10%
Mortar turret -15%
incendiary mortar turret +15%
Howitzer turret -15%
Howitzer emplacement -15%
Ground shaker turret +20%
Hellshorm turret +15%
Bunker buster -10%
Tank killer -10%
Needle gun -10%
Flashlight -30%
Pulse laser -20%
Emp cannon -20%
Nexus link turret -20%
Cyborg needle gunner -10%
Cyborg flashlight -30%
Cyborg transport +60% ("transport rush" must be fixed)
Tank transport +60% ("transport rush" must be fixed)

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