Converting a map

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Converting a map

Post by Flalt » 29 May 2012, 17:42

I used the guide here:

But when I put the wz file into the mydocuments/warzone etc/maps folder, it doesn't show up in the game.

What I thought was weird about the instructions was that one of the renamed files was left out of the final zip file, and also that you had to create a multiplay folder even though you ended up zipping only the maps folder. Should I have created the multiplay folder inside mydocuments/warzone/maps or what?

Alternatively, does anyone have a working wz version of the map 2c-InterUrban ? That's the one I'd like to convert. Maybe someone could upload it for me instead.

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Re: Converting a map

Post by curtis15 » 06 Jun 2012, 01:25

I have tried to find that map, but I have not found it, but if you are looking for any other maps I recommend you look here

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