You guys should really fix the unit pathfinding

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You guys should really fix the unit pathfinding

Post by FrustratedPlayer2 » 26 Jan 2018, 08:36

Or, as a quick workaround, possibly just shrink the bounding box (or radius?) of each unit a bit and allow them to clip when there's lots of unit collisions in a short time and small area? There seems to be room to do this on the larger units too without even necessarily letting the models intersect, and a little bit of clipping is probably less immersion-breaking than traffic congestion either way.

The back-and-forth "wiggle" units do when they run into each other could possibly be randomized too, to keep them from headbutting in perpetual sync when they're in a tunnel that's more than wide enough for them to pass side-by-side.

I've just been trying to play the alpha campaign mission where you destroy the New Paradigm's main base, and it gets really annoying having to break up my command groups and micromanage units every single time I try to pull a sensor out of the LZ or move my heavy tanks to a new position.

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Re: You guys should really fix the unit pathfinding

Post by Bethrezen » 04 Feb 2018, 02:46

Unfortunately this is a long standing problem and one that is not easy to fix especially since there are only a few of us working on this in are spare time, so until someone volunteers to try and implement a new movement system I can't see this being addressed because implementing another movement system like free flow for example would likely entail months and months of work, not to mention the fact that it would probably take some serious coding skills as well so I wouldn't hold your breath.

I know it's annoying it frustrates me no end but you'll learn to work around it eventually

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