Mac build problems

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Mac build problems

Post by unlawfulsoup » 27 Oct 2006, 13:42

I recently tried playing both builds and have had the same problem. The program runs well in the menus, but as soon as I start a game it crashes after loading. I'm on a Macbook, and I have a feeling this is the root of the problem.

Also are there any plans to make the application universal in the future? This would make the performance ridiculously better as Rosetta can be a touch slow.

edit: Also worth noting is the earlier build runs much faster than the newer one.

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Re: Mac build problems

Post by iamtheari » 30 Oct 2006, 08:48

This is not a build problem.  I don't have an Intel Mac, so I have no way of creating a universal binary, given the number of libraries and frameworks that Warzone 2100 depends on.  There have been crashes reported on Intel Macs running the game under Rosetta.  I have no way of debugging this situation, as I do not have an Intel Mac.  If you download the latest subversion sources of the game and are able to resolve the problem, please submit a patch.  See also the closure messages on bugs 6966 and 7392.

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