Arizona 7 - Bugged Hostile Transport

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Arizona 7 - Bugged Hostile Transport

Postby nighthawk71 » 18 Mar 2017, 01:09

Hello, I have recently ran into an issue with Arizona 7 in the Alpha Team campaign. Somehow, one of the enemy transports (I think the 3rd one) ended up in a state where it won't fly out of the map like I think it should, leaving it in a bugged state where it keeps loitering around the objective area and attacking my units. The transport also seems to be invulnerable, as even though my units managed to drop its health down, it never blows up. I probably should've saved right at the start of the mission, but I didn't, meaning that I'm stuck in the campaign unless I restart.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was on 3.2.2. Also, I have restarted the campaign and I haven't ran into the same issue on my second playthrough.
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