A few bugs..

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Bug reporting belongs here: http://developer.wz2100.net/newticket
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A few bugs..

Post by OldParadign » 07 Nov 2016, 20:31

Hi guys. I was really stocked to learn this game was still playable and thank all involved for their hard work keeping this alive.

I have been running into issue playing the campaign though which I will bring up chronologically.

1: I made it all the way to Gamma 3 ( i believe) where you "rescue" the base which has been absorbed by Nexus. Upon completely destroying all structures I find a Nexus transport in the top corner of the map, and the mission never ends. My units pour on damage to it and I reload several times but it's stuck it won't end the stage. I decided to restart the Gamma campaign where I found issue #2

2: When I start a new campaign other than Alpha, I cannot build commanders. Specifically I can design commanders but even after building and upgrading all base structures, once I close the design screen and go to factory, there are no commanders in the list, and when I go back the design is gone. I assume this may be to stop you recycling hero units and getting amazing commanders, but it feels like a bug.

3: After this I decided to start the campaign over entirely. I got halfway through Alpha and then encountered a new bug where anytime I complete the Alpha mission to defend attacks from new paradigm (from the full map to the north and east). Every time it completes, gives me the stats then when I press "continue game" it locks up and freezes the game. Annoyed at losing progress I decided to try..

4: Starting a Beta campaign! I assumed eventually the game would retain the ability to design commanders. However when I complete the first mission, bug #3 resurfaces and I am unable to complete the mission and continue game.

Also in order to launch the game I over have to clear the warzone 2100 folder from my inbox, deleting everything except seqeunce and savegame files. If any of this is familiar territory and has some tips, would be much appreciated.

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Re: A few bugs..

Post by Berserk Cyborg » 08 Nov 2016, 06:09

If you want the most 'cutting edge' version of the game you can always get the latest master builds here(choose portable master): http://buildbot.wz2100.net/files/

I know the disappearing commanders were fixed a few days after 3.2.1 was released. Can't promise anything about the other situations.

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