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New Challenge: Camouflage

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2010, 09:44
by KukY
Camouflage: I really hate that Nexus guy...
In 2050, as the NATO alliance collapsed, becuase of some arguments between EU and Asia, EU conturies started having secret meetings, which included planning possibly needed defensive actions in case of wars.
As of meeting in January 20th 2056, they decided to build a huge underground complex. As the site of building was choosen Bosnia, becuase of specifical relief which allowed for fast digging, but also pretty satisfying structural integrity and presence of resources which could prove useful while building it. The complex located from 350-4900m under sea level was supposed to serve as a research and military facility, but also allowed for normal life of up to 80 million civillians and had areas made for industrial and agrocultural plants.
Fastly, in 2057, they started construction at same time from 6 diffrent locations which are usually mines. Becuase of numerous research breakthroughts the construction and equipping of the complex was proceeeding rapidly.
In 2077 the complex was finished and started working for all, excluding most of civilian functions. With time, it was upgraded with new technologies. Becuase of well thought plans and strict control, no one outside EU knew about it
Then, 2085 came. The Collapse. Becuase of advanced sensors and systems which allowed incredibly fast transport of passangers and cargo from-to any part of Europe, 15% of that time Europe population was able to evacuate in time. However, the nuclear strikes and following strong seismical activity made the mountains on top of the complex collapse and soil surrounding the complex move damaging the complex on many places. The number of human casualties was relatively small(~30,000), and the repairs started immediately. By 2089 most of the repairs were finished.
However, that were not so good news as there was one small problem. The top layer of the complex became visible from air as the mountain rock wasn't covering it, but was moved to allow repairs. Of course, Nexus found out about that and decided to destroy it. Nuking it was not an option as the complex was equipped enough to prevent the nuke from reaching the target. So, a direct attack was the only option.
In 2096, people finally came out as the radiation faded. And guess what they found out there? Nexus forces. The battle started.

This is a survivial challenge!
You fight against 7 AIs! Each of them starts with 4 Trucks, 8 oil and a HQ. You, however have a much more advanced base, start with 15 trucks and some more units. However, you have only 4 oil.
Play this map with VTOLs, LasSat and Uplink off.

Re: New Challenge: Camouflage

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2010, 10:47
by Flail13
stderr.txt wrote:error |06:35:19: [openLoadFile] file Sk-Camouflage-T3 could not be opened: File not found
error |06:35:19: [openLoadFile] Assert in Warzone: ../../../../lib/framework/frame.c:319 (!"unable to open file"), last script event: '<none>'
fatal |06:35:19: [resLoad] Could not open file Sk-Camouflage-T3
fatal |06:35:19: [startGameLoop] Shutting down after failure

flaME doesn't put "Sk-" before the names any more.

Re: New Challenge: Camouflage

PostPosted: 13 Sep 2010, 11:07
by KukY
Thanks on the warning, I fixed it.