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Challenge: River Strike

Posted: 06 Sep 2010, 13:00
by NoQ
I've just made a challenge using my "4c-Tranquil" map. The file attached is the map with the challenge included in it, so you just put it into the maps directory and the challenge should appear in the list.

The scavengers in the middle supply you with enough peace time to build up and develop your base, but if you want to beat the challenge quickly enough, you'd have to take the initiative yourself. :)

Am i doing everything correctly? Won't such files cause any kicking problems, like map-mods did? If it's all right, i'll bundle some challenges with other maps of mine. :wink:

Re: Challenge: River Strike

Posted: 13 Sep 2010, 06:40
by NoQ
Since no one complained, i've embedded the challenge (and one more challenge too; the already one mentioned in this thread is actually called River Strike 2) into the map file from the map thread. The attachment in this thread is deleted.

Re: Challenge: River Strike

Posted: 08 Nov 2010, 02:01
by Mats
There don't seem to be any scavengers? Anyway, it was a good fun challenge. Took me 5 tries (although after first 3 I took a look at map layout and won in two tries).

Spoiler: This map is actually pretty easy if you just rush to the two exits to the enemy bases and fortify. You have most of the map's oil and the enemy are cut off. You have just two points to defend.

Good map, good challenge. :)

Time, for anyone interested, a rather slow 1 hour 15 mins.