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Random Glitch (Or How You Call That) 2.3.9

Posted: 27 Dec 2011, 20:00
by Jabol
Hello, I've found a new glitch that came in randomly.
When I was designing a new unit, I picked a dragon body, tracks propulsion and two plasma cannons, then I accidentally switched into vengenance body and I was able to put a second turret on the body!
I was playing on skirmish mode against AI's with DyDo's AI modification. I've never encountered this glitch before.
Unfortunately, I couldn't cause that glitch again in the game without any modification, because it came in randomly.
Also, unfortunately, I couldn't get a screenshot of that, because I deleted the model after that.
I can only say that I was able to install a second turret on the vengenance body, at the very end of it, and it looked very weird.
EDIT: I forgot I've made one unit of that after deleting the model, so there it is: Image