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What models from this forum are NOT included in AR, ultscav and contigency??

Posted: 01 Sep 2019, 16:56
I'm trying to collect all of the models that have been created so that I can add them to EB mod but they're scattered all over the forums. I searched through a few of the threads but I'm not finding many .pie models

I like to create stats/balance for the models and I can add them into the game side-by-side with existing models without replacing the originals

For example, if someone gives me a new set of wheels, half-tracks, tracks and hover then I can add them into the game and keep the original propulsions. This includes adding them into the tech tree and balancing so that they're not overpowered.

Making stats and balancing new models is fun for me but I ran out of models to make stats for.

I have all of the AR, contingency, ult scav and mech cyborg models and now I'm wondering what other models are out there?

If anyone has models that are NOT included in the mods above, could you please redirect me to the .pie files so that I can make stats for them?

Granted, the models have to be somewhat decent and don't deviate too much from the norms.

Stats maker + model maker can be a great team :)

You don't have to post the models here, just URLs to .pie files (no .png, .jpg)