Repainted Jammer model

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Re: Repainted Jammer model

Postby pastdue » 21 May 2018, 03:37

MaNGusT wrote:btw, it would be good if devs will continue to update wmit as a main converting tool for artists. :)

I've made a project in the WMIT repo to collect TO-DOs. If you happen to know of any bugs / issues / features that are needed, please create a new issue here and I'll add them to the list.
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Re: Repainted Jammer model

Postby MaNGusT » 22 May 2018, 00:15

I think, 1st of all it should exclude manual editing of pies. Has support of all new functions like animation(enabling checkbox, changing values), shaders and other.
Hmm, I need to accumulate my wish list in a readable format though..
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Re: Repainted Jammer model

Postby Mauricio Yaman Yusuf » Yesterday, 18:22

it looks more and more abandoned this !!
there will no longer be new versions or improvements?
the only thing that I appreciate is not seeing more comments from people fighting for insignificant things
all right...
temine of learning 3d modeling, I made my own game in Blender Game Engine, then I moved my project to godot, and unity, now I would like to learn from here what I could not do a long time ago ....

and since you are the ones who really carry out this project and have endured for many years, I will ask you ... can you teach me about wz2100 ... from the basics, until you can reach your level of knowledge?
It would be very sad for me not being able to do it because it is my favorite game, even knowing that there are games with 4k graphics I do not like them as much as this one, it is my game since I was 12 years old, and I still play it when I can and I have time

I pray that ... be pious and help me to learn, it would not hurt them an extra hand to help

I know my grammar is terrible, my language is Arabic and I have almost no one to speak with in English

well ... aui I leave a link in case someone wants to contact me before I return to check the messages, thanks to all
the new paradigm regards!!!
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