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Master now unplayable

Posted: 28 Jun 2018, 19:41
by Prot
I'm add #4807, for now multiplayer in master is unplayable, it's allways get "2+2=5" desync form fist second of game match, i think this is even before rules.js initialized.

Some log diff's:

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< [actionDroidBase] - droid1244 = p2;pos(16576,16704,301),rot(0,0,0),order2(16512,16512)^0,action0,secondaryOrder1C,body155,sMove(status0,speed0,moveDir0,path0/0,src(-65530,8128),target(14483676,7),destination(9002,14352602),bump(0,0,0,0,(14745824,131079),0)),exp0
> [actionDroidBase] - droid1244 = p2;pos(16576,16704,301),rot(0,0,0),order2(16512,16512)^0,action0,secondaryOrder1C,body155,sMove(status0,speed0,moveDir0,path0/0,src(5,-1),target(5,-1),destination(4,-2),bump(0,0,0,0,(6,1),0)),exp0
Look's like something wrong with coordinates.
This is happen starting from b0ea637fee35246eeba5106fb986cb5873e69641 and for lastest master

Video: How to reproduce ‚Äčdesync

Re: Master now unplayable

Posted: 29 Jun 2018, 05:51
by Prot
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