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commit access

Postby Prot » 26 Oct 2017, 09:46

Hello, how i can get access to github repo? I found some bugs in engine and try to fixed, but i don't want to commit any new features, only for bugfixes.
My pullrequest stuck too long sine i think nobody rewiev this.
For example i found new bug in 3.2.2, with mod initialization algorythms:
The wz engine found first 2 mods and send over network that is one mod, for example, we are have mods: "textures.wz", "sounds.wz" and "music.wz", the engine send two mods as "textures.wzsounds.wz" and "music.wz".
I found this strange algorythms in modding.cpp which obviously has a logic error:
Code: Select all
    bool first = true;
    for (auto const &s : strs)
        str += s;
        if (!first)
            str += sep;
        first = false;
    return str;

Because of that, the game since v3.2.2 is not able to play with mods on multiplayer.
Bug report:
My patch is simple but pullrequest not aprooved sinse 7 Aug.

The secomd bug fix in qtscript, while i working on my bot "BoneCrusher!", i spend many hours while i found that the bug not in my js-code, but in qrscript.cpp, my fix is very simple, only 2 line of code:
More detail in bug report:

Sorry for my english :)
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Re: commit access

Postby Berserk Cyborg » 26 Oct 2017, 15:35

You can ask Per for commit access. Does commit bd2bac6a5a81205f131b2bbe6efb41b6129b0c4c not separate the first and second mods already? It can be tested in the master builds since August 1.
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