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Postby Bethrezen » 09 Feb 2018, 21:00

I'm curious have you never considered just helping to improve the current warzone because there is still lots that needs doing, for example the current warzone still has a lot of issue with pathing although to the best of my knowledge no one is currently working on trying to improve this.

There is also work being done on Display Scaling, Window Resizing, High DPI support which needs testing and improving so you could always help with that perhaps.

I'm currently play testing the campaign along with a couple of others to help get the campaign working correctly as the last release had a lot of bugs so the campaign didn't work properly as a result.

you could also have a look at git hub and see if you can fix some of the outstanding issues and then make some patches.

Or another possibility instead of completely building a new game which is in my opinion a little overly ambitious for a new programmer, why not create a new campaign for the current game that picks up where gamma campaign finishes even doing that would require a massive amount of work, you could initially release it as a mod and then perhaps later on you could revisit the possibility of turning that mod into a sequel when you have a bit more experience.

Lets face it you would have to create the levels for your sequel anyway so wouldn't it be far simpler and make far more sense to just create some new levels for the current game and then just port them later on, just a though.

While i have nothing against ambition and I'd certainly encourage you to have a go if you think you can I'd also caution you not to bite off more then you can chew because otherwise you will end up getting overwhelmed ultimately it's much better to take baby steps start with some simpler stuff first and then work your way up.

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Re: Warzone 2117

Postby getmam » 11 Feb 2018, 07:22

I think I am not clear enough.
I mean the target (available on ios, android and raspberry pi) is good, but not want to make a new game, sorry.

I think it is hard to make that because system resource constraints in an embedded hardware include raspberry pi. At last, I had given up.

Raspberry pi 3B get a bad performance at 1024 x 800.
    Hardware: raspberry pi 3B
    Config: Use vc4-kms-v3d
    Config: Use 'gpu_mem=448' at /boot/config.txt
    Result: Working at 1024 x 800, but it get a low opengl performance (about 13-20 fps).

I don't expect to make it fit to my raspberry pi. But I very support opensource software.

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