Warzone 2100 Tower Defence!

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Warzone 2100 Tower Defence!

Post by Aftermath » 14 Sep 2010, 02:22

Warzone Tower Defence is a game i like playing on Facebook, it was the name of this game that made me think back to Warzone 2100 and thus led me to this website etc etc.

So i got thinking...

It would be fun to have a Warzone 2100 Tower Defence game, maybe as a mod or a challenge in the vanilla game.

You build towers (hardpoints/bunkers/whatever)to defend against waves of increasingly tougher drones. You get power (and points) for every kill allowing you to build more towers or research better weapons and weapon upgrades (all other researches and build options will be disabled).

If any drones make contact with the command centre they explode and reduce its HP, when its HP gets to 0, game over.

In line with a traditional tower defence game the attacking drones won't shoot their weapons, they will simply move as quickly and efficiently as possible to the Command Centre and blow up casuing damage. Vtols will be included in the drone waves making air defence a requirement.

The Satellite Laser or maybe vtol bombing runs can be used as purchasable one shot abilities to help slow the onslaught.

There can be a number of different maps for variation.

Would have to implement some kind of rule preventing the player from blocking the path to the command centre, although creating a bottleneck or choke point would be part of the strategy.

High score leaderboard.

Probably never be implemented but it sounds fun.

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