New Skirmish Mode

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New Skirmish Mode

Post by guciomir » 09 Sep 2009, 19:00

Do you remember skirmish mode from Red Alert 1?

Image the following:
- players start the game with no trucks
- they have the same number of similar tanks/cyborgs/vtols (there are different setups for each technology lvl)
- apart from rearming pods they have no buildings

what is your opinion about that?

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Re: New Skirmish Mode

Post by Kacen » 09 Sep 2009, 19:23

Reminds me of "Chess" mode in Supcom.

But, honestly, not really suitable to Warzone 2100 gameplay. Honestly I don't find it fun. Real-Time Tactics were never my cup of tea...and more so-called "RTS" games nowadays are like that, and I despise it.

Yes, I know, WZ2100 is a "hybrid" supposedly, but you still construct your base and all units. The "hybrid" aspect is only apparent on away missions, and even then only to a point. You can still build units while on many away missions and bring in reinforcements.

`Course, the line between RTT and RTS isn't extremely fine...

Chris Taylor said most RTS games are more like RTT games due to their small scale.

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Re: New Skirmish Mode

Post by whippersnapper » 09 Sep 2009, 20:24

guciomir wrote: what is your opinion about that?
Make it and see if it's fun to actually play.

The first challenge you would have to over-come is that you can NOT compile a WZ Map without trucks - at present but that could be circumvented in 32EW's routine for new maps which yet leaves all existing maps with trucks.... that issue would have to be dealt with by writing a script that executes on load which would essentially destroy map-maker placed trucks.... But other than that, it would be pretty straight forward to create a "proof-of-concept" MOD to test it's viability for fun, immersive, entertaining, game play and re-play value.

On a side bar: Being a field lieutenant controlling a squad or two in RT on an focused OP and being a general controlling an army of multiple divisions and squadrons and fleets in RT like Eisenhower's D-Day is as dissimilar as day is to night.

Regards, whip :ninja:

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