Structure power drain.

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Re: Structure power drain.

Post by Powzone » 14 Sep 2009, 14:05

zeland wrote:You send in cannon fodder cyborgs one at a time into radar range. Wham-bam, 100+ artillery pieces start firing on a single cyborg draining all his energy. :scream:
What I mean is NOT consuming energy when firing, BUT energy NEEDED to fire. So things like you described with that cyborg won't happen!

I think energy management in WZ is pretty hard unless you've been playing for 2 hours with enough resources. So having your artillery not shooting on low level energy (like <100) could be a weak point for every player to be rushed.

Me as electrician could even do more in depth maths to know how much energy the artillery could eat up. Thus starting to go indeeep to this maybe it is to much for the game itself to handle and "energy balancing" would apply here. Example (with kilowatts):

1 power generator genrates 4 kW per second (like 1 oil rig = 1kW) (PG)
1 command center 1kW (CC)
1 factory needs 1kW (Could be peaking to 2kW when producing depending on how big the units are.) (F)
1 research faciity needs 1kW (RF)
1 artillery (Mabe starting with 0,1kW for MG tower to 1kW for archangel missiles,) (ART)

When starting the game building just the CC, 1 PG, 1 F & 1 RF, you would only have 1kW/second left. That would be only 10 MG towers or (later in the game) 1 archangel missiles left with the energy the PG produces. Seeing the energy consumption only as a "keep alive and functioning" option. So on low level oil maps it would be a very big problem! When upgrading the PGs more energy is produced. The 4kW will be raised or mulitplied with the corresponding numbers. The multiplier can be the upgrades as they are, as they produce more energy. (I don't have any idea how much that is, due to lack of coding skills! ;) ) Maybe the production of artillery schould be disabled, if you don't have enough energy for "keep alive" and they should not fire if "ART kW < PG kW" or at least SOME of them should stop functioning to save energy for the other ART to work. Buildings should be higher in priority using levels like:

1 Command Centre / Repair Facilities / Rearming Pads
2 Factories
3 Research Facilities
4 Artillery
5 ...

This would be the only logical order. Well, for me at least...
It would be possible with a lot of modifications to the game, but it will destroy the whole gameplay, even if it's more realistic.

What would this mean for the game?

Welcome to "Command-&-Conquer-destroy-the-generators"-gameplay! :evil:

I think baaaaaaaad idea! :D
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