Tech-Level-Limitation and smarter Team-mades+++

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Tech-Level-Limitation and smarter Team-mades+++

Post by Sangsisu » 31 Aug 2009, 01:37

sorry for my easy and bad english

I would like to Limit the maximum-Lvl of Technology
Of course in the Map-Limitations,like the Buildings
its to easy to make more and more long-ranged units,and stronger and and and...

And to stop the 1000 Bunker-Defence a possible limit of Buildings

In Skirmish-game
i had a com-teammade
he on the left side of the map
me on the right
in the middle a enemyteam
20 resources at every startingpoint
the first thing my teammade doing?
he drives to me and take 10 of mine resources !!
i kill the first of the middelteam between us
and he attacks in the south anywhere but not the growing enemy of the middleteam
bad...very bad

Radar + Rockets
its easy winning with building Rocketlaunchers
they are very longranged
and if I take 1 widelongranged-vehicle and select a enemy-objekt I can destroy everything i want
almost fast like with the satelitte
the rockets dont attack by their own
but i cant make the same with a Radarstation alone
should be both?
the radar-rocketstation combination and that i cant make it with the Radarstation

Loading old Unit-configurations

Its pretty boring to create everytime the same and same and same Types
I would like to create my configurations and save them
loading when i like

hope its understandable what i wrote
greetz from germany

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Re: Tech-Level-Limitation and smarter Team-mades+++

Post by ClockWork » 31 Aug 2009, 10:22

there is an AI mod that adresses your AI problems, DyDoBP, or, you can look around the show case forum, as its yet to be finished .

Ripple rockets can be powerful when shot with a group. But, they can easily be taken down by VTOLs loaded with tank killing weapons, (lancers, tank killers, scourge missiles) or bunker busters if the enemy artillery are emplacements.

Artillery emplacements/pits automatically attach them selves to sensor/counter battery towers. This way, your artillery will shoot at anything your sensors see. You can do the same with vehicles, by clicking a tank with an artillery on it, then right clicking on a sensor tower of your choice. This way, your tanks can also attack any enemies your tower sees.
Moreover, a tank with a sensor mounted onto it, is good for being a little more aggressive with your artillery. As, they are mobile, and you can chose what you want to demolish, basically.

tower sensors, have a longer range then their tank counterparts.

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