How to improve the progress of Warzone2100. License change

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How to improve the progress of Warzone2100. License change

Postby moltengear » 16 Nov 2017, 18:26

It is well known to all that parts of the project have been significantly rewritten.
The project is supported only by old and kind fans.
I think that the GPL license can alienate some new programmers.
They probably think so. Why should I develop the project, if all my efforts, innovations will be limited by the license of 2004.

We can replace other libraries and give them a new name with a different license.
It is even easier for us to rewrite the entire graphics engine from scratch than to try to improve the existing one.
Our individual libraries can be used in other projects.
And the game itself will also be an example of the use of these libraries.
There is another similar project - spring.
We can join forces.

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Re: How to improve the progress of Warzone2100. License chan

Postby NoQ » 16 Nov 2017, 20:29

I guess changing the license is out of question because the author company (who defined the license) is long gone. And if GPL could have been easily changed, it'd defeat its purpose.

I haven't heard a single complaint about GPL being too restrictive on these forums or trac so far, for many years. I'm not sure if there are more such people than people who would, on the contrary, prefer GPL over permissive licenses.

You are definitely allowed to make new libraries from scratch, which we may later link against. Obviously, licensing is not the hardest part of it.

I tried a few Spring-based games, but never managed to run them; in my personal experience, it seems to have more driver problems than we do, and i cannot say much else on this topic.
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