Setting 3.1.5 as the last stable version

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Setting 3.1.5 as the last stable version

Postby Paluk_ » 05 Oct 2017, 17:52

Hi. I’m one of the few remaining online players and I have an issue that I would like to address to the developers.
Since the introduction of version 3.2.x there is a big problem: The community is divided, some cannot play 3.2.3, so they and also many others especially good, experienced players stick to 3.1.5. Consequently, hosting good games becomes increasingly difficult. If a small community is divided, it will fade away eventually. Those of you who played recently know that I don’t talk total nonsense. Those of you who don’t play (often) anymore should do it and you will likely agree. So I have few questions that may appear stupid to some pro-coders:
Why introduce so many changes after 3.1.5, which afaik is a stable version for all players I know?
Why not use 3.1.5 instead with minor changes of the few bugs there? For rebalancing of firepower major changes are not necessary.
Therefore, I strongly recommend removing 3.2.x as the last version on the online platform and for example list 3.2.xx as a beta. Of course I acknowledge the effort that the coders put into the development within their free time.
If you generally disagree, I would like to know how you justify the status quo.

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