Menu Background Replacement(active/replay)

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Menu Background Replacement(active/replay)

Post by endlesseden » 13 Jul 2017, 03:12


This is a Purely Cosmetic suggestion, but, none the less, a good suggestion.
Replace the menu background with a active-game, in the background. Replay or scripted game.

This is done in another RTS game (Openra - RA), where the game menu background is a replay/script of a game. Where the units are attacking/defending a base. Active structures, etc. can be seen.

I dont know if Warzone2100's game engine could do this, but this would be a good Cosmetic improvement.

Pros: Improved Menu Background.

Cons: Increased system-resource demand on main-menu.

-- On a side note, i would also suggest a switch(and menu option) to disable this for legacy Systems, which cannot handle the increased load. Although, i do-not forsee many Legacy systems being in use anymore.

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Re: Menu Background Replacement(active/replay)

Post by Terminator » 13 Jul 2017, 18:55

I think its better a good animation picture or video - would fit better.
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