some suggestions 2017

Ideas and suggestions for how to improve the Warzone 2100 base game only. Ideas for mods go in Mapping/Modding instead. Read sticky posts first!
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some suggestions 2017

Post by MircoBB » 05 Jun 2017, 16:13

sorry for my english i am german

1. It would be very very nice if the multiplayer is more randomly.
that there is a point you can click and no one knows how he is starting, no one knows wich color the other player has.
and in the game no one can see wich player has the color or on wich starting position the other player is.

So that i can start with my friend, and its impossible to know on wich position on the map he starts and wich color he has until i found its out by looking how the tanks ans so on behave.

2.If some Longe range Units attached to the Commander, and the Commander has the order to repair, the Units go to the repair Facillity but doesent turn back to the commander, they are dis-attached, an that sins the beginning and no one has mention it why ?? and why is there no Developer that recognize that so many years?

3. there should be a better menu for Lan Playing.

4. It would be nice if the Limits Mod is fully integrated to the application,
And everything could be set.

5. The map behind the menü. better left or right sometimes its easy´er to choose the position if you can see the entire map, whne choose positions.

6. More selecting Options in the menu, so you can choose more AI´s if you had many ai´s in the mod folder.

7. why is the Debug menu a single window...??? why why did the developer do that?

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