New 3.2.x release without graphic recast

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New 3.2.x release without graphic recast

Post by JrmyR » 19 Feb 2017, 16:16

Hello guys,

Could we get a 3.2.1 based release with 3.2.2 minor bug corrections.

I mean the 3.2.1 is a stable release, it brings "Locked Team without shared Researchs" that is very fun to play.

But it also brings some minors bugs which degrade the user experience :
-Commanders in Beta and Gamma Campaign
-Desync when VTOLs rearms in multiplayer skirmish
-Somes fixes relative to cyborgs
-And others...

The 3.2.2 bring the fixes of theses bugs, but this release is very unstable due to the graphic recast.

Code: Select all

Change: Fixed functionality graphics rewritten to use programmable shaders - this should fix crashes on Windows with Intel drivers (several commits, too many tickets)
So why do not release a new 3.2.x with only the minors bugs fixes (without the graphic recast)?

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