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Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 19 Dec 2016, 20:23
by Jiiin-K
Hello ppl JIN-K is back!
With an strange idea :lol2:

In first time Warzone really need a (small) video intro in my opinion when u run it, then why not work on ?
My second idea is to remake the main menu, the original is original but old and sad for me...

The idea would be to work on a military base background, having the building icons as selection
in order to navigate the main screen.

Example: (This is only to show idea, need to rework it to look better!)

Is there new main menu, with buildings of Wz, when u check one of them u click and enter in..

Representation of buildings
-SINGLE PLAYER --> One tank
-MULTIPLAYER --> More tank (different color)
-TUTORIAL --> Command center ?
-OPTIONS --> Repair facility (look good)
-QUIT GAME --> Vtol

New add in menu:
-TECH TREE --> Research center (Yes, why don't add in game the tech tree! No need after that to go on web to found that..)
-MODDELING --> Factory (Here for new player can seen what is possible to create like tank, and there also u can save theirs design
to get them in game directly!

-ABOUT --> An additional function of Warzone (Here u can check some information)
-Official website address
-Adress of donations
-Game version (with press release)
-Game history (Original Creator, release date of Wz ect..)

Now ppl, i'm open at all suggestions if you like or not :)

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 20 Dec 2016, 03:00
by montetank
Generally i am very sceptical, when i read something about new ideas.
But this idea is very nice. Funny to use the little transporter for >Quit< :)
I like it :!:

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 20 Dec 2016, 14:25
by Jiiin-K
Thank you Montebank to like this idea :)

I thought to leave game show transporter was the best and funny too :)

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 29 Jan 2017, 19:38
by Guardsman Brendo
Like the idea

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 16:42
by Jiiin-K
I'm little frustated from devs to have no response about this nice idea in my opinion... same if it's like impossible just give answer has to be good!

Poor warzone, he will stay old i guess...

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 17:38
by Forgon
You will have to implement this yourself. Consider
  • compatibility with different screen resolutions from 640x480 pixels onward
  • what feedback to give to a user who hovers the mouse over a click area
  • the design of your tech tree
  • why any developer should attempt what you want, unpaid and in their spare time, while you have not reflected on these problems

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 21:44
by Jiiin-K
I know nothing about code, program's ect.. It's an idea!

Why created a forum with IDEA and SUGGESTION then? its not for that?? i never asked to dot it just have a answer
And i never asked at DEVLOPPER to make their job.. then why they are called DEVS?! oups sorry

Re: Intro WZ and new main menu ?

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 22:35
by NoQ
The idea is not bad, but it is unlikely to attract a maintainer's attention because it is clearly not the most important thing to focus on, as there are way more pressing issues. This is not super innovative as well, because many games are known to have this sort of stuff. It might still be welcome if a particular contributor shows up, who decides to implement this, given he avoids introducing much technical debt or maintenance complexity and overcomes all the difficulties. Hence what Forgon said.